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About us

About us

Alpha Regalia is a premium athletic apparel and accessories brand that is devoted to cover a complete wardrobe for people who are athletic and follow sports and fitness within their lifestyle.

The company was created on the 5th of April, 2021 by Muhammad Zafeer Younas who wanted to turn his passion, hobby and talent into a something that would connect people around the nation and eventually around the globe. His passion for fitness, his hobby of dressing up and his talent in arts and designing led him towards starting a brand that is a combination of  passion to thrive, aesthetic and modern designs and a natural sprinkle of creativity that would fill up the wardrobes of Alpha Regalia’s consumers. All of the products have been designed and closely looked upon by athletes and professionals keeping in consideration, the quality, fitting, finishing and color tones for our consumers.

Ceo Message:

“I firmly believe that through joining hands and working as comrades one embraces the true conviction that implies that nobody gets there until everybody gets there, and the only way one rises is by lifting others up”- Muhammad Zafeer,  founder and CEO

  • Mission statement: Alpha Regalia exists to create gears and tools that help our people unseal their Alpha potential and be at their best aesthetic form day in and day out, and achieve milestones together as a pack. To unravel their ambitions and goals and never sacrifice their freedom. We are here to form a community, a bond, a legion. The pack awaits you.